Solving the Problem of Finding Furniture That Converts to a Comfy Bed

Sofa beds sometimes get a bad rap because many models are uncomfortable for certain individuals. For example, the bed might have a relatively thin mattress that doesn’t adequately pad against the metal structure underneath. When people plan to buy a sofa bed for a studio apartment or to accommodate guests, they want to be sure it will feel very comfy. They might read Sofamania Reviews here to learn about one particular type of furniture that is receiving a great deal of praise.

About the Chair

This sleeper chair has a big, thick mattress that comes out directly onto the floor. There is substantial support for sleeping because this isn’t a thin type of padding. The mattress is a twin size, suitable for one adult or two children. Additional convertible chairs can be purchased for extra guests. The furniture has a basic attractive design so that it fits in with a broad range of decor.

Another Option

Another option for a studio apartment or a guest room is a Sofamania futon that functions as both a couch and sleeping space. The guest room might double as a home office or a TV room, so having a place for people to sit instead of an actual bed is preferable. The buyers can make sure the futon padding will be thick enough to provide comfort.

Reasons People Need This Furniture

People need this kind of furniture for a variety of reasons. They don’t want to make guests sleep on a couch, since that type of furniture tends to be too narrow for full comfort. They certainly don’t want to hand guests a sleeping bag and make them rest on the floor, even if the floor has thick carpeting. A double-sized air mattress is a possibility, but there isn’t the advantage of having an extra chair or two in the house when the mattress is not in use.

Those options are particularly unsuitable for someone living in a studio or efficiency apartment that doesn’t have a bedroom. These men and women need a relaxing place to sleep but they don’t want an actual bed in their living room.